Passionate Designer, Product Lead and agent of change


I am an ambitious and result-oriented maker of meaningful and beautiful experiences that enable businesses to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing digital landscape. Do you share the mission?

Over a decade of broad experience in the intersection of design, business, technology and people have given me a unique perspective for understanding and solving complex multidisciplinary problems.

I develop value propositions and business models, design and ship new products and services, and lead effective teams with my broad toolbox based on design thinking, agile principles and lean startup methodology.

I am a curious lifelong learner and believe change happens through a growth mindset and learning-by-doing approach with a high degree of reflection. With a background as a designer, I am process-oriented, creative and disciplined. With high execution power, I lead by example and make things happen.

Specialities: Digital Product Design, Team Leadership, Intrapreneurship, Business Transformation

So far, my career has taught me the following: 

- I strive to make a difference, feel ownership, and be involved in the process from idea to product.

- I go to great lengths to uncover what the users actually need.

- I have big ideas, but execution is what matters.

- I am open to other people challenging my opinions and curious to hear different viewpoints - there is always more than one answer to a problem.

- Honesty and humbleness are the keys to a successful outcome and long-lasting relationships.

- Designers should focus more on understanding the business to really create products that are effective, both for the business and last, but not least, the users.

- Most importantly, I have learned that a close and open, multidisciplinary collaboration creates magic! …a collaboration where knowledge and experience are shared, and you respect each other regardless of discipline.


I'm always interested in hearing about new projects, don't hesitate to reach out!

Latest Instagrams

I love practicing photography in my spare time. Here are the latest memories from travelling. See more images on my Instagram account @martinblikstad_photography

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