Local gems along Norwegian roads, handpicked by NAF.

62% of Norwegians holiday in Norway - now we have created a service to make the Norwegian holiday even better. NAF Lokalkjent is a further digital development of the traditional and popular NAF Veibok, which has followed generations of Norwegians. Our travel service is for you who are looking for the local, genuine and beautiful. We aim to contribute to authentic and unforgettable experiences along Norwegian roads and more robust and sustainable local communities with solid tourism companies.


First and foremost, many thanks to the fantastic multi-disciplinary team working hard and dedicated to make NAF the natural choice to inspire and increase the experience of car holidays in Norway.



The solution was piloted 2 times, both over the length of 6 weeks.







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With a circulation of over 600,000 copies, NAF Veibok has for 90 years been of benefit, inspiration and joy to its members as Norway's most complete travel guide. Access to local knowledge in route selection, accommodation, food and experiences is a highly sought-after service, but today this position has been attacked and been partially taken over by several players. The challenge among many of these is that they lack access to genuine local content that is at the same time quality assured. In addition, the content is often centred around the offer and not the journey people are on.

- How might we use the market position and the unique content of NAF Veibok to transform and adapt leisure travel in NAF into the new digital landscape?

My responsibilities as Product Manager & Design Lead

  • Define and own the value proposition and product strategy

  • Design and develop a sustainable business model

  • Market- and user research

  • Concept, UX and visual design

  • Product development process

  • Inspire, guide and lead a multi-disciplinary product team, counting 10 heads at is most

  • Develop and manage a trade-oriented roadmap

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Establish and cultivate fruitful partnerships

  • Validate ideas for new functionality

  • Pitch decks and presentation materials

  • Forecasts and budgeting


Problem and oppurtunity

The tourism industry is experiencing significant growth in adventure travel. At the same time, we see good digital services for Norwegian holidays along the road. Today's services are city- and destination-focused, and travellers don't find local experiences. NAF has an excellent position in travel along the road through NAF Veibok, and therefore has a unique opportunity to be an independent party bringing together Norway's tourism and showcasing authentic and unforgettable experiences along Norwegian roads for travellers.

To explore NAF's opportunities to be the unifying player showcasing authentic and unforgettable experiences along Norwegian roads for travellers, we conducted the first pilot along a selected beautiful road in Rondane in the summer of 2018. We saw two obvious needs we wanted to solve in the market;

  1. For travellers: There are few or inaccessible local experiences along Norwegian roads
  2. For the experience providers: It is challenging to make my local experience visible

With a successful test carried out, both among the experience providers and the travellers, the next step was to determine how the service would expand across Norway.

We connect smaller and unknown experience providers with adventurous travellers

The service brings together Norway's authentic travel and experience attractions in one service. The platform lets you;

  • Gather content in routes, destinations, and categories based on personal preferences to inspire and make finding the truly unique and local gems along Norwegian roads easier.
  • Sign up and make your local experience visible and bookable for travellers by offering the tools experience providers needs to easily manage their experience - booking, resource calendar and payment.
  • As a third party, build in your services or build services on top of the platform.

NAF is locally known

The name, NAF Lokalkjent, tells the unique thing about the service. We show the way and invite users to take an active part in the local community and culture through experiences provided by hosts who are passionate about sharing their local knowledge. With NAF Lokalkjent, we take a clear position as the player that promotes local tourism.

A distinct tone of voice was developed that permeates all interactions the user has with the brand, whether through text, images, video, or illustrations. NAF Lokalkjent is the adorable granddaughter of NAF Veibok and was used as a personality for the brand. She is passionate about sharing everything she has learned from her famous, dear grandparents. She is committed and gathers local people from all over the country and their remarkable and unforgettable experiences. She is nostalgic and tells a local story. She is versatile and knowledgeable about the diversity of experiences that exist in and around Norway. She wants to inspire people to get away from everyday life, meet locals and experience something out of the ordinary, which is just a car ride away. Here are some examples of withdrawals.


The natural choice to get inspiration and increase the experience of the trip in Norway

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