Digital Designer always aiming for the WOW!


Passionate and result driven Digital Designer, creating meaningful and beautiful experiences, making web a better place. Do you share the mission?

I'm a 27 year old designer with solid experience working in the intersection of concept development, UX and visual design, and as a problem solver combining business goals with creative solutions.

As a digital designer at Siteman I have been the creative impetus of larger projects. My main responsibility has been to work with stakeholders to define user tasks and business goals and translate those into functional, elegant visual concepts that make results. In most projects I've worked closely with clients, and the rest of the team, all the way from the first meeting until launch, and beyond. I have gone on to be an ambassador at Siteman, promoting a high standard of quality in all aspects. I have also been given free rein to redefine the Siteman brand, working with strategy, processes, concept development, branding, website and marketing material.

My prior experience includes working with the technology company Conexus, where I among other things, designed solutions used to assess and monitor over 620 000 Norwegian students.

So far my career has taught me the following: 

- I strive to make a difference, feeling ownership and to be involved in the process from idea to product.

- I go to great lengths to uncover what the clients actually needs.

- I have big ideas, but execution is what matters.

- I am open to other people challenging my opinions and curious to hear different viewpoints - there are always more than one answer to a design problem.

- Honesty and humbleness are the key to a successful outcome and long-lasting relationships.

- Designers should focus more on understanding the business to really create products that are effective, both for the clients and last, but not least, the users.

- Most importantly, I have learned that a close and open interdisciplinary collaboration creates magic! …a collaboration where knowledge and experience is shared and you respect each other regardless of discipline.


I'm always interested in hearing about new projects, don't hesitate to reach out!

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